With a quality maturing product, Perpetuwave has moved forward with project development plans. Our initial project development model focuses on;

  •  Developing our first pre-commercial wave farm projects in conjunction with established Wave Farm project partners.


  • Providing a viable clean electricity supply to remote communities and industry.


Perpetuwave has plans to strategically co-develop a pipeline of commercialisation projects to the point where the technology can directly compete with wind and solar. Select target projects will be developed in supportive environments to move the technology through the learning and scaling phases of commercialisation to realise cost savings and performance improvements forecast through these phasesexpected become ‘mature’.

Meetings have been held with a number of wave farm project developers in these target markets and negotiations are ongoing. Perpetuwave has subsequently been invited to install a first staged 10MW wave farm project and a second project of 25MW at another  site. Preliminary financial modeling of these projects indicates a commercial return will be generated.



Europe Australia North America
Ireland South Australia Oregon
Portugal Victoria California
United Kingdom Western Australia



Perpetuwave is also exploring opportunities to develop projects in other areas where positive project economics can be realised. Let us conduct a detailed site/ project scoping analysis to supply clean sustainable electricity for your project / community including;

  • Replacing expensive diesel powered electricity for remote communities and industry.
  • Remote mine and or port projects.
  • Power water desalination plants.


Our Xtracta technology provides a  substantial competitive advantage including;

  • High efficiency - soundly based on solid respected theory, backed by authentic electricity production recorded to best practice protocols,
  • Wide capture width - to harness the energy of commercially viable resource for high electricity production that can compete directly with wind,
  • Low O&M costs – all major drive train and electrical components housed on board in a dry environment with 24/7 accessibility for ~land based costs,
  • Low risk design – the direct drive train does not use hydraulic oil based systems for low environmental risk.


CLICK HERE to request a detailed scoping study of your project or communities sustainable electricity requirements.