Concept development and small scale validation….

A 1:10 scale model of the Wave Harvester being tested in a wave tank.

STAGE 1 and 2: Perpetuwave’s early stage development focused on delivering a design that could potentially deliver 30%+ wave to wire efficiences;

  • over a range of wave heights, and
  • over a substantial capture width as wave energy is measured in metres of width.

These key metrics were deemed critical to arrive at a commercial viable design which could for the first time compete with wind. Once the theory behind the ‘Hybrid Float system was established, quantifying attainable efficiency to best practice procedures by measuring average electricity generated was deemed essential if the company was to demonstrate a high level of corporate etiquette.

A number of iterations of the Hybrid Float system have been investigated and trialled and include;

  • an underwater version was firslty trialed however a plethora of problems with conducting the simplest of maintenance tasks dictated a more viable design was required.

  • A floating platform deck structure with pivoting trailing arms connecting the floats appeared to hold substantial benefits over other concepts. A scaled prototype was developed and extensively tested however the high cost of the floating platform structure ultimately meant it couldn’t demonstrate viability with a reasonable level of confidence for first and follow on commercial projects to maturity.

  • The new Xtracta (Patent Pending) iteration of the hybrid float technology presents a break though technology which effectively integrates a direct drive train system straight on top of he hybrid floats. The design offers world leading performance, but also industry best low capital and O&M costs.


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